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Fashion/Wardrobe & Personal Stylist: Steffany Bready-Edwards aka SteffanyAllen 

Steffany Bready-Edwards knew early on she was destined for a career in fashion. Her grandfather Benjamin Allen, an exceptional tailor, was an initial source of fashion inspiration. Wanting to stand out from the crowd in school, Bready-Edwards made her own clothes and ultimately created her distinct fashion style and voice.

Now residing in Brooklyn, NY, Bready-Edwards earned an AAS in Fashion Design from Bauder Fashion College in Atlanta, Georgia. Subsequently in 1992, she studied Accessories Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Bready-Edwards has worked in retail, sales, designer showrooms, studios and in production in the fashion industry for more than twenty-five years. She began her work at the prestigious Manolo Blahnik in 1995; starting out as an assistant in shipping/receiving and quickly being promoted to Manager of Production and Distribution.

In 2009, Bready-Edwards parted ways with Manolo Blahnik establishing her own business. Once again inspired by her grandfather, she created SteffanyAllen, LLC.

As a Personal Stylist, SteffanyAllen’s mission is to empower women of all sizes to change their perception of themselves and enable them to tap into their inner selves through wardrobe and accessories. Additionally, SteffanyAllen focuses on providing women with a service to develop personal style, exude confidence and ultimately feel comfortable in their own skin. The goal is to create fashion sense based on individual personality and lifestyle, regardless of size.

As a Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist, SteffanyAllen has provided styling for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Full Figured Fashion Week ™, in NYC and LA, Ashley Stewart, client/promotional based events for Lane Bryant, editorial styling for Plus Model Magazine and has been a talent/guest wardrobe stylist for The Nate Berkus Show. In November 2017, SteffanyAllen was appointed Fashion Editor for CurvesBeReal Magazine.

SteffanyAllen is dedicated to developing lasting professional relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs and welcomes opportunities to collaborate and connect with other exceptional women.


Tamykah Anthony-Marston is a passionate and award winning Forensic Scientist and Toxicologist with a deep love for the community. She used her unique scientific knowledge to create a natural product line, Xanthines All Natural Products, to provide safe, natural and affordable non-toxic alternatives to everyday products.


 She has also made it her mission to use science as a tool of empowerment that enables youth to see their circumstances not as constants, but as variables that they can manipulate for their desired outcomes. She is the founder of Xanthines Cafe, through which, she hosts free science workshops for families the last Saturday of every month and more recently she started Camp Wakanda, a camp created to teach melanated children about the science behind superpowers and about their innate superpowers through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, Theater, Music, Dance and Culinary Arts. 


She serves as a mentor, role model and an inspiration to children, specifically those in the Brooklyn community where she grew up.


Quote that inspires me:


“Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations. If you adopt their attitudes, then the possibility won't exist because you'll have already shut it out...You can hear other people's wisdom, but you've got to re-evaluate the world for yourself.”  Mae Jemison

Tamykah Anthony-Marston

CEO and Founder, Xanthines All Natural Products


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