Erica Ware

Cultivated by the jungle that is Brownsville, Brooklyn NY Ms. Erica Ware learned from experience how to rise above adversity and struggle early. Life has not always been easy for her, but she has used the lessons from her experiences to learn and grow, emerging into the woman she is today. A driven woman with great strength, whom others admire. Her take-charge attitude and ambition have allowed her to focus on her goals and rise to the next level in life, inspiring all those around her. Her Confidence and energy are infectious challenging others around her to rise up to their potential. She has made it her mission to use her God-given talents and wisdom to lead others in a life of self-discovery and healing. Her belief system is a healed woman is a happy woman. Creating spaces for women to comfortably share, vent, fellowship, and heal is her specialty. She is the creator of Think, Act, & Speak with Confidence. A weekly virtual workshop that assists in helping women level up, learn realistic tools that will ultimately assist in living a progressive, more abundant life. Erica helps others tap into their abilities and develop the confidence to become who they believe they are called to be. She leads by example, and her journey has just begun and is far from over