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Ashley J Black Esq.

Ashley Black is the Founder and Managing Attorney of The Black Firm LLC. She is a metro Atlanta native raised in Decatur, Georgia. During early childhood, Ashley decided to become an attorney. Although unsure which area of law she wanted to practice, she knew that she wanted to help her community. Ashley is a proud graduate of Southwest Dekalb High School. She obtained her Bachelor's degree from Georgia Southern University with a major in Philosophy and a minor in English.

After graduating from college, Ashley returned to Atlanta to continue her education and attended Atlanta's John Marshall Law School.  Ashley graduated from Law School and became a member of the State Bar of Georgia in 2014. She started her law career as an Associate General Counsel and a Senior Attorney practicing in the areas of business law, insurance, securities, intellectual property, and employment law.

After becoming a mother, Ashley decided to pursue her dream of owning her law firm. While practicing, she noticed a legal need in the area of Estate Planning within the community. Ashley sought to fulfill that need by providing reliable legal representation to families and individuals who seek to plan a future for the ones they love. Along with Estate Planning Ashley also practices in the area of Business Planning, Employment Law, and Civil Litigation. At the Black Firm, we are "The Life Attorney's," seeking to provide legal solutions for life situations

Andrene Williams

Andrene Williams, born in Jamaica, West Indies and raised in Queens New York, is the Founder/CEO of Ladydoves Self Enrichment Youth Organization. Her organization works with children from 6-21 years old. Ladydoves also provides scholarship, after-school program, mentoring, tutoring, model training (to enhance self esteem), career advisement, job preparation skills, summer program, life skills workshops and so much more. Ms. Williams can be seen on QPTV cable vision, Queens Times magazine, Queens Chronicle, and a few others. She was interviewed by NY-1 and was also Queens Person of the Week for her work with the youth in the community.

Ms. Williams is also a plus-size model who uses her experience in modeling to help inspire, uplift and empower women so that they will enhance their confidence level and learn to love themselves. She can be seen gracing the runway in various boroughs and states as well as producing & co-producing fashion shows and training models in various states. She has been featured in various online magazines. She was also featured on the cover of the January issue of Change gospel magazine which is distributed in the five boroughs and various states as well as on the cover for the anniversary issue of Queen Size magazine. Utilizing her modeling experience, In April 2012, Ms. Williams formed Unique Blend Models (UBM).

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Cassandra Carter

I am Cassandra Carter. I was born and raised in the Suburbs of Roosevelt, Long Island, New York.  I come from a traditionally Baptist Middle-Class family where everybody pulled their weight; where being independent and finding your own way in life was a must.
I was raised to value traditional values such as living my life in integrity, being open and honest with people, even if being so came at a cost. I was raised to stand my ground especially when I know I'm right and to be humble and apologetic when I'm found to be wrong. Those attributes came from both my parents who are Southerners and who raised me with that Southern hospitality.
My parents have always been in the ministry of help and that's why I went into the industries I've worked in throughout my career. I have always worked in positions where I could help people solve problems they may have been experiencing. If I were to give myself a title, I would say that I am a Solution Provider. Although I have a few different businesses, the one common denominator that brings them all together is my teaching abilities.
I have held quite a few rewarding positions in my career. One being an IT Specialist Teacher teaching IT to the Disability population where I was told by my students that I was much more to them than just their teacher...I was their "Mentor". I was their "Coach".  I was "a Light in a dark room" for them.  "A Light in a dark room" has always been what I've always wanted to be known for in this life.  I am a Woman of Passion...I am passionate about many things such as Equality for All, Justice for All, Truth for All, Liberty for All, Freedom for All...and I will always be found fighting for such justices, such truths, liberties, and freedoms. 

‚ÄčLiving the kind of life I live, having, and holding to the values I have lived my entire life by, has always been met with obstacles and challenges. Although I have fought those challenges and obstacles, they were not always easy to defeat, and oftentimes, I felt they were beyond me to defeat. I felt like giving up because the pressure of being fought from every direction was a bit much for me BUT I stood my ground and came out of it all as the Conqueror.