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Shachena Gibbs

Quoted to be “The Walking 411” in business from The Daily News, ShaChena Gibbs provides coaching and consulting services to women home business professionals worldwide via online platforms and live events.

ShaChena is a business strategist and Founder of Real Sisters Rising Women Business Association.

ShaChena resides in New York and is the proud mother to Diamond and Destiny. Her tireless work of empowering women to become self-sustaining via entrepreneurship has resulted in her national recognition as an expert in direct sales, marketing, strategic business development, and professional development.

In search of finding a way to be home more with her daughters and still become financially able to manage household expenses, ShaChena created a monthly membership platform where women of common interest joined together to share, learn and grow professionally. And it all started with creating a Yahoo Group in 2003. ShaChena built a team of over 20 women. RSRWBA was able to grow and reach women globally with the assistance of the all-women team of 20+ industry experts. Members also recommended friends and family to join RSRWBA. Ms. Gibbs believes word of mouth is one of the most valued forms of marketing.

ShaChena Gibbs survived some of the worst experiences a woman can go through. She took her challenges and became a servant to others in need.    

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Elaya Walker

Elaya Walker majored in Business Management at the University of West Georgia where she helped to create Eccentrix, an organization dedicated to freedom of expression and artistic vision and that is where the work began. Eccentrix gave students the opportunity to express themselves without judgment whether it be through spoken word, visual or lyrical art, or by just giving back to the campus. From a young age, she knew she was destined to contribute to business but it was with Eccentrix that she found her place in the creative realm. Being surrounded by artists of every kind, she finally felt at home. It clicked that assisting Creators was her calling. She enjoys assisting entrepreneurs and professionals alike in building systems to manage their brands effectively for brand awareness and impact. Whether it be helping them create strategies to reach their creative goals, or developing a platform/event for them to share their stories or gifts with others, or connecting them to resources that will take their ideas to the next level, she is interested in helping creative people grow and reach success in their crafts. Since launching her first business, CreativeFreedomCo, she's sponsored 2 events national events, given away over 50 Journals, and provided over $10k worth of services to businesses in need. "Let's not limit our mindsets, rather let's help one another and give breath to all ideas. Let's put all the true cards on the table, create a healthy challenge/competition, give each other a fair run for any opportunity, and Earn the title knowing that no rock was left unturned on the way." - Elaya Walker

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Lytoya founder and CEO of Gorja RCC Agency is an entrepreneur dedicated to spreading spiritual & financial wealth to BlaQue women by providing, divine knowledge, enlightenment, and strategies to build businesses.

 Gorja RCC Agency provides intuitive business readings using spiritual modalities, strategic and tactical marketing systems which include(s) but not limited to branding and sales. Lytoya is dedicated to improving the Blak Community by focusing on the core areas of life by providing an empowering and inspiring environment to those who seek guidance in moving towards wholeness in their lives. 

Lytoya Parker