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Michele Allen is a mother of 2 young boys (Isiah and Aaron) and is wife to one amazing husband (Elliot). She has always had a love of healthcare and with the “nudging” of her mother she became a Registered Nurse in 2006. Michele currently works in the area of homecare where she visits her patients in their home. It’s always a joy meeting the different people and always nice to sit and laugh with them for a little bit of time.  In addition to being a nurse, Michele caught the entrepreneurial bug from both her parents. Her mother owned a daycare and her father owns an iron works business. Michele started Butta Bodies in 2014 in which she makes natural bath and body products. What started as holiday gifts for her family, turned into a business after someone inquired about purchasing an item she had posted on her Facebook page. Also in line with her nursing career, Michele has recently started a second endeavor with Dear 2 My Heart. Dear 2 My Heart is her home care nurse consultation and senior concierge company. It was created on the needs that she’s learned caregivers have while caring for their loved ones at home.

Elliot Allen is a graduate of LaGuardia Community College in New York with a degree in Computer Engineering. 

He became a successful Computer Engineer in the growing technology field.  Mr. Allen worked for a wide range of powerhouse companies during his tenure including IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Compaq to name a few.  He also excelled in the industry by providing technical support for major companies such as Citibank and Chase Manhattan Bank.  At the same time he was growing his public relations skills and dealing with a wide range of people. Elliot eventually became a partner in his own Computer/Printer repair company and maintained a successful business for around five years. He eventually left the computer industry due to him feeling his life’s mission was not being fulfilled. Elliot then embarked on a career in Law Enforcement, which he currently maintains.  While some may see that as a dramatic change, he sees it as being able to maintain his true passion which is helping and dealing with the public.  

Throughout these two careers, Mr. Allen has realized his true passion and calling which is to communicate and present a positive presence to those around him.  It has become a passion of his to find ways to reach out to as many people as possible. The exposure that Elliot has received in dealing with various kinds of people, from all walks of life, has furthered his desire to share his experiences. He wants to allow others to see that a reality based outlook on life, along with confidence, will cause the strengthening of all communities, which is a vision that Elliot is so passionate about.  This vision has led to his ultimate goal and calling which is delivering the message of the profound effect our mindset plays on our lives.  Mental Conditioning is Elliot Allen’s passion, and a passion he desperately wants to share with the world.

Sabrina Martinez Author of Phenomenal Women When Did You Lose Your Power? Her empowering chapters were brought to life and presented on stage on September 11th and 12th in 2015 and September 9th and 10th in 2016, and the fifth showing, a holiday performance on December 11, 2016. All performances were sold out audiences at New York’s National Black Theater in Harlem. Back by popular demand September 8, 2018 for a Night Only Matinee at NBT. Sabrina is also the proud author of an empowering children’s book, entitled: Shades of Our Beauty, Loving the Beautiful Skin I’m In! June 2013 Sabrina Martinez was the recipient of the “Key to Harlem”, as well as the “2011 Fredrica Teer Institution Building Award”. She received these and a plethora of community awards acknowledging her enormous role in empowering, inspiring and motivating women and children for the past 19 years in the Tri-State Area. Lady Sabrina, affectionately called “The Etiquette Queen” by many who know her, is the Founder of The Phenomenal Women Empowerment Alliance (“PWEA”), in New York City. PWEA was developed exactly nineteen years ago. With the first few meetings being held monthly in the living room of Sabrina’s home, where she empowered, motivated, inspired and encouraged members to shine brightly and become all that they can be – Purposeful living is her message!!! Her mission is to empower, edify and encourage women to assume greater ownership and achieve their maximum potential in all areas of their lives. TOGETHER THEY REACH FOR THE STARS AND ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS! She is celebrating eighteen years of empowering, motivating and inspiring women to live, love, grow, learn, heal and laugh together!!! Guiding them towards their paths to obtain, grasp and achieve their highest potential. Supplying them with the necessary tools to achieve and accomplish their goals and actually live their life‘s purpose, is her purpose! Sabrina stepped out on faith, and retired from Corporate America at the age of 46 on June 2, 2006. Sabrina, a wife, a daughter, mother, sister, grandmother, and loyal girlfriend worked successfully in the legal field for more than 30 years. She thanks God for the opportunity and the ability to have been employed by New York City’s major law firms. Although it enabled her complete financial independence and security, it simply was not her calling, nor was it God’s purpose for her life. Her purpose was not a career in the legal world at all. She knew this almost 45 years ago. It was a flicker in her soul as a child that grew into a burning desire into her spirit. She needed to do what God intended her to do... EMPOWER!!! Sabrina knew her life’s purpose and decided, after frequently being approached by several women expressing their desires to explore other avenues of making a living, as well as, the emotional necessity of reinventing themselves, to organize an Alliance. Many of these women opened home based businesses, continued their education, changed careers, and/or began utilizing their talents, creativity, knowledge, and desires to reach their dreams and goals individually and collectively. These Phenomenal Women were also looking to grow emotionally and spiritually. Sabrina developed a magnificent sisterhood!! These women love, respect, care, motivate, inspire, and empower one another in all areas of their lives, with Sabrina being the Motivator of them all. She does not take NO for an answer!! Sabrina's empowering soul conveys, as well as, supports the necessity for women to live their life’s purpose. Enabling them to find their purpose and live it by embracing it and becoming truly joyful and happy because of God’s plan for them. They either own their own businesses, or just do what THEY enjoy doing in their lives for their purpose! Whatever it is that truly makes them HAPPY and WHOLE! Possibility is a very compelling and creative force for her. She is driven to help women discover and bring about their limitless possibilities. They are continuously motivated and inspired by her as they emerge to the heights they desire, either personally or professionally. Her Motto is: Do you, Boo! She assists and directs these women by providing the essential tools that are crucial for them to be able to reach their goals individually and collectively. She does this by demonstrating "LOVING YOURSELF TECHNIQUES" coupled with VALUABLE information for financial, professional, personal, emotional, physical, spiritual and independent growth and development! She hosts an annual Expo on the 1st Saturday of every May allowing the Phenomenal Women to showcase their multiple talents, businesses and products to over 600 guests. It is always an extravagant affair. She also hosts a Healing Conference annually, and this is always held either on the 1st or 3rd Saturday in August. Healing from past hurts, pains, disappointments, situations, and choices is essential for positive growth and development to occur. This conference breaks generational curses, regains power, and much, much more. The message is always PHENOMENAL! Sabrina opened the doors to The Phenomenal Women Charm & Etiquette School for Boys & Girls February 2007. She is providing our youth with courses in charm, etiquette, self- love and worth, culture and grace. She teaches boys and girls ages 5 - 21. Sabrina decided to be a part of the solution where our children are concerned. Instead of just speaking about it, she decided to be about it. Broadening the horizons of our youth is what helps them know their worth. She provides self-esteem techniques, enabling them to feel confident in all arenas. Self-assurance adds to their ability to excel. Knowledge is power, and success is a given at this point. Sabrina truly believes that confidence, and a healthy self-esteem is an essential and integral part of their growth and development. Her feelings that our children should be equipped to eat at the white house with ease, as well as, the rib shack, without losing their dignity or respect, impels her to give them the essential training that is required for them to do so. They learn that there are more than 2 forks. She does an excellent job providing them with heritage and background information. Knowledge of where they come from bestows upon them a sense of respect, honor, and pride. Her Cotillion and Rites-of-Passage Ceremony is second to none. Society dictates certain behaviors. Her graduates are prepared for life to compete and win. Lady Sabrina’s annual Talent Showcase allows our princes and princesses to display their many talents. Everyone is a WINNER to Lady Sabrina. They ALL receive “YOU ARE A SHINING STAR” trophies!! Sabrina is working solely and diligently to edify WOMEN and CHILDREN! www.phenoms2the10thpower.org

Tamica Newton; I am a mother of three dynamic daughters, the co-founder of Circle of Champions:  Celebrating Survivors. I am an Administrative Assistant at Women In Need. I believe that in order for this world to be a better place we must all be our Sister and Brother’s Keeper.

In 2014 my sistafriend and co-founder, Michelle Gill Newton and I had the dream to give people their flowers while they are still here.

The dream came out of loss and fear. My mom had just died. When she was hospitalized we learned that she had Multiple Myeloma (blood cancer). I never heard about blood cancer before. My foundation was rocked and I was/and still am in disbelief that my mother, best friend, protector, teacher and pain in the butt could be ripped out of my life so suddenly.

In that same year, Michelle had just been diagnosed with stage 1 ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer and had begun treatment. She has been cancer free now for almost 3 years.

We talked about the day to day challenges of moving forward, when it seems like your world is crumbling around you. Our mothers taught us to believe in God and always thank him for what you have because there is always someone worst off than you.

We wanted to uplift others who had cancer, other serious diseases, and personal obstacles while they were still here, so they would know how important they are to us and their communities.

In 2014 we hosted our 1st Circle of Champions event: Celebrating Survivors at Brooklyn party space and honored seven champions. Our dream continues and we honor seven Champions every year. In 2017 we were given a Proclamation by Borough President, Eric Adams, November 19th is now Circle of Champions Day in Brooklyn.

For more information about us

Web: https://www.facebook.com/groups/circleofchampionsgroup

Email: circleofchampionsgroup@gmail.com

Follow us on twitter @Circ_champions

Valerie T. Montoute is a resident of Brooklyn, New York, and has been a staple of the community.  

  • She graduated from Pace University with a bachelor degree in Computer Science in 19979 

  • Youngest Credit and Collections Manager for Donghia Furniture and Textiles   

  • Valerie T Montoute is an honored member of Kensington Who’s Who 1998-1999

  • Adjunct Professor for Long Island University 1998-2010 teaching Networking Engineering Cisco

  • CISCO Certified Instructor Farmingdale University LI, NY  

  • Adjunct Professor for Katherine Gibbs 2000-2006 Networking, Employment Readiness, 

  • Network Analyst for Jewish Child Care Association 1998-2016

  • B2H – Parenting Skills Certificate 2008

  • B2H – Teach, Model, Mentor Certificate 2008 

  • B2H – Respite Certificate 2008

  • B2H – Working with Families 2008

  • Microsoft Certificate of Achievement 20687 Configuring Windows 8.1  

  • Created Financial series teaching clients about the basics of Credit and Financial health

  • Renovations By Valerie, Inc owned and operated  

  • Pearls Of Black, Inc Owned and Operated 2009 to presence 

  • Member of Women’s Chambers of Commerce 

  • Certified Foster Parent and Therapeutic Foster Parent GPSII / MAPP 2012

  • Consulting partner of Late Bloomers Towing and Late Bloomers Remodeling 

  • Valerie T Montoute aka “the Professor,” was created in connection the Pearls Of Black who motto is “Explore your Inner.” 

  • The Professor is the creation of Valerie T Montoute who is the alter ego but is someone that is part of us that taps in the strength within and exhibits confidence with an air of femininity and sexual comfortably  

  • Member of International Women 2018

  • Mandated Reporter Training Certificate 2/2015, 12/2017

  • B2H - Day Habilitation Certificate 2016

  • B2H - Special Need and Community Advocacy Services 2016

  • B2H - Crisis Services Certificate 2016

  • Member of NAPW (National Association Professional Women) 

  • Relationship and personal coach for Pearls of Black, Inc 

  • Certificate of Completion NYC Regional Special Education Parent Advocate 

  • Mental Health First Aid 2017

  • Podcast LoveSexRelationship broadcasted with A Bowl of Soul 2018

  • Accepted in Northcentral University Graduate Program of Marriage and Family Therapy – Family Therapy & Families in Crisis - Master Arts 

Coretta Campbell is employed with NY State Housing and Community Renewal as a Housing Specialist. Her passion is being a jewelry stylist with Traci Lynn Jewelry. In the last 7 years she has enjoyed the benefits of uplifting women with the jewelry, meeting new people and traveling. 

She is a wife of 24 years to Eric Campbell, mother to Khendra 25 and Khendric 20. Her joy is her grandbaby Anahlia. Her motto in life is to take the lid off your goals and soar.

You can follow Coretta on social media to catch her daily words of motivation and inspiration 





Raven Robinson Named One of the “Top 25 African American PR Millennials to Watch: by the Huffington Post, Raven Robinson, an innovative young political strategist and public relations professional hailing from New York City. Ms.Robinson is the founder of Pr2Politics, a consulting firm that offers public relations services to political candidates and emerging public figures. She currently holds a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from The City College of New York where she served as the President of their Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter.

Raven's brand received popularity within the political community as she carried out public relations services for various Senate, Assembly and City Council campaigns in the New York area since starting in 2009. Raven successfully planned inaugurations for elected officials, social media campaigns and obtained various press placements for her clients ranging from print news, blogs, radio and popular political shows such as "Inside City Hall". Raven's career quickly ascended when she began handling press for a Boston based organization known as the National Dance for Obama. Videos from the brand quickly became viral and received mentions from CNN, CBS and Fox to name a few.

As her brand began to expand she branched out and began working with brands outside of the political arena. By using the "Pr2Politics" concept of pushing business owners as candidates she was able to successfully bring more exposure to her clients. Throughout the year Ms.Robinson has been leading guest speaker at in-house events for the corporations such as NBC Universal and conferences for entrepreneurs in several states. Her advice on public relations and entrepreneurship has been quoted on sites such as Black Enterprise and Forbes. Raven encourages entrepreneurs to remain prayerful and chase their dreams. She labels public relations as a tool that fuels her political ambition of gaining exposure for small businesses and making dreams come true! She is also the author of  “Your Campaign: A Business Owner’s Guide To Understanding Public Relations” a workbook that helps entrepreneurs with their public relations strategy. The workbook is now available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.   In 2015 Ms.Robinson was featured in City & State Magazine as a “Top 40 under 40 Rising Star in Government”.

Ms. Robinson is currently the Vice President of Government Affairs of The Women In Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN).

Erica Ware Born and raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY, life has not always been so sweet for the Ms Erica Ware but, through the adversity and struggle of the concrete  jungle, Erica blossomed into the strong, admirable, and driven woman she is today. Staying focused on her goals and ambitions in life came easy. She has been an inspiration to women and young girls alike. As The Confidence Coach, she is on her way to a successful career in helping others discover their own abilities. She makes it her business to utilize all of her God given talents of which being a leader stands out as the strongest of these qualities. Her journey on the trail of life has just begun and is far from over. 

Aja B. Stubbs is the Founder and former publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Belle-Noir Magazine, an online publication created with the plus size woman of Color in mind and at heart. The magazine birthed several plus-positive events, including Belle-Noir Radio, which featured interviews with plus celebrities and other events related to pop culture;  Curves & Cocktails™, billed as “The Ultimate Girls Night Out for Women with Curves”; and Phat Poetry™, a night of poetry and spoken words performances featuring plus size performers. Aja continues to be a body positive advocate, and her work in the industry continues as a plus size healthy lifestyle blogger and freelance writer.

Aja has also worked in the substance abuse treatment field for 15 plus years in an administrative capacity, and is a certified Recovery Coach in the State of New York. She is passionate about ensuring that women, especially women of Color, live their best lives in a big and beautiful way. Follow her on social media @MsAjaB and read the latest on her journey to “Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Wellness” on her blog www.msajab.com.

Miguel Martinez My mother instilled in me the confidence that I could succeed at anything I believed in. While watching television at age 5, asking what would it take to have a prosperous lifestyle like I saw on television shows?  She replied: I would need a first class college education. She couldn’t afford to send me, but convinced me that I could accomplish anything I set my mind and heart to. I knew as an Afro-Latino I would have to excel at a higher level due to social, and racial prejudices.  I was determined!

I exceled academically and athletically.  A dominant basketball player, traveling throughout the US as early as 12 years old.  I competed at the college and semi-pro levels. By virtue of Columbia University’s Upward Bound Program I was prepared to attended Howard University.

My entrepreneurial drive began at age 9: delivering groceries, selling newspapers, and Holiday trinkets. My confidence level grew. I embraced my ability to succeed in business.

Good grooming was instilled in me early. As a financial sales and business development professional, I found myself frustrated by the markets absence of skin healthy shaving products, and accessories for people with wavy to curly hair/ multi-cultural. Instead of complaining, I created a line of natural and organic based products, formulated specifically for men like me, and a razor specially engineered for shaving closely, yet non-aggressively, so that they could shave, every day, without irritation, razor bumps, nor harmful ingredients - making shaving pleasurable.

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